Can a Half-Dead Tree Be Saved in Huntersville, NC?

It’s a common understanding that it’s impossible to revive a dead tree. Still, some ask, “Can a half-dead tree be saved?” since that implies that the plant still has some life in it, even if it’s not like other healthy trees. So, what causes half-dead trees, and can you breathe new life into them?

You’ll need help from a reputable tree service company in Huntersville, NC, like Tree Tech Tree Services, when considering the revival of a tree with severe damage. Our crew of experienced, certified arborists know how to diagnose and treat trees to restore their health. Below, we share what it could take to revive a half-dead tree.

can a half-dead tree be saved?

What Are the Causes for a Tree Being Half Dead?

Though tall trees have one of the highest risks of death under certain environmental conditions, any tree could lose its good health. Below are common ways a tree could partially die:

  • Soil Compaction: This problem occurs when the dirt around a tree’s root system is too compact, preventing the roots from absorbing enough moisture, oxygen, and nutrients.
  • Root Damage: Exposed tree roots are susceptible to damage from lawnmowers, insects, and accidental cuts. The root damage can affect certain parts of the tree.
  • Lightning damage: Lightning damage usually occurs near the tops of trees. Sometimes, the tree will explode from the hit, and other times, it will only injure certain parts of the plant.
  • Tree Diseases: Tree diseases often strike different parts of the tree before the infection works its way through the entire plant.
  • Wood-Boring Insect Infestations: An infestation of wood-boring insects can create holes or tunnels in tree trunks. These pests can also eat tree leaves and bark, affecting the plant’s health and beauty.

Can You Save a Half-Dead Tree?

Can a half-dead tree be saved? The answer is yes, in most cases.

Usually, there’s a chance of health restoration as long as the tree is alive and doesn’t have a degenerative or untreatable condition. For instance, a tree with a damaged or decaying trunk but thriving branches, beautiful leaves, and good fruits may be treatable.

Top Methods for Reviving a Half-Dead Tree

To turn back time on a dying tree, consider these methods:

  • Fertilization: Applying fertilizer to the soil around a tree’s base can help it absorb more nutrients that it might otherwise be lacking.
  • Tree Pruning: Pruning roughly 30% of a tree, including its dead or dying branches, will reduce the tree’s stress. It’ll heal and recover faster with fewer places to send water and nutrients.
  • Tree Watering: Water your tree nightly for about two weeks to ensure it gets sufficient moisture.

Reach Out to Your Local Arborists for Custom Tree Treatments

Can a half-dead tree be saved? At Tree Tech Tree Services in Huntersville, North Carolina, we say yes under the right circumstances.

Our certified arborists have the skills, equipment, and expertise to provide unmatched plant healthcare services as well as tree removal, pruning, and cabling services. Contact us today online to request a free estimate or call (704) 799-5796 for more details about our services.

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